PYO Pumpkins the easy way with Merlin

Posted by Courtney Hodgson on Aug 24, 2021

We are quickly approaching Pick Your Own Pumpkin season, so it is time to think about our favourite spooky holiday and how Merlin can help you deliver a great experience for your customers. Recent winners of SME News' UK Enterprise Award for: Most Innovative Ticketing Tech Solution 2021: PYO Voucher Picking System. With Merlin Tickets you can cut down queuing and checkout times by allowing your customers to book online and order a pre-paid voucher. It is quick and easy to set up your online ticketing site and more importantly the software is free and allows you to use your own branding.

Top 5 reasons for using Merlin Tickets

1. Link it to your own website

2. Get paid on booking

3. Free for free events

4. Keep and use your own customer data

5. Great customer service from our support team if you need assistance


Here is how it works

The customer visits your site, clicks on the event, chooses a date and timeslot, and buys an entry ticket and/or a pre-paid voucher to spend at the Pumpkin patch. You have the option to sell multiple ticket types and any additional add on products you may have all in one system.

Get set up in 7 easy steps

Step 1- You visit Merlin Tickets and create your very own booking and ticketing website. You can use all your own branding, graphics and corporate identity so that it is your pumpkins you are promoting.

Step 2- You then allocate the appropriate times when people can come and pick the pumpkins. You also need to identify the number of people per session that can arrive.

Step 3- This can be done automatically as, if you wanted 50 people every 15 minutes from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. you could enter the session time, allocate the total time available and the Merlin system will automatically create all the individual booking slots for you in a few clicks.

Pumpkin patch and carvings

Step 4- You then have to decide when you are going to open and what days of the week you are open. It is very easy to remove days from the schedule if you are running low on pumpkins.

Step 5- Once this is done you set the price for the various vouchers available.

Step 6- The next step is to set up a payment gateway so that payment is taken when the bookings are made. If you already have a service provider it is very easy to link it into the system. If you haven't got one then you can create one as part of this process.

Step 7- Finally you need to link this new platform on to your own website so that all bookings will come directly from you, thus maintaining that link from your pumpkin patch to the public. It also gives you opportunities for other marketing activities and offers while they are on your website. 

Why not have a go for yourself and see how simple the system is?

Merlin Tickets 

If you would like further information then contact us at or give us a call on 01226 294413


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