How to sell tickets and increase loyalty

Posted by Courtney Hodgson on Jun 22, 2021

We all know how hard it is to entice new customers, so focusing your efforts on the ones you already have is a good place to start. Getting referrals and reviews from existing customers can help you to reach new audiences. 

Special offers for regular attendees

Think of ways to incentivise your regular customers to continue to buy from you and recommend you to their friends. You could allow them to purchase their tickets before everyone else, this will make them feel special and encourage them not to miss out. Another option is to reward them for buying a season pass, you could include a voucher for food and drink or VIP perks. Alternatively, you could have a rewards system whereby the more frequently they purchase a ticket the greater the discount. As mentioned in a previous blog post, early bird tickets are a great way to build up the hype around your event and create a sense of urgency. By selling tickets sooner you can use the money to market the event. However, it can be a risky strategy if people are unable to book early then find out the prices have vastly risen. This could create negative feelings towards your brand. Another word of caution, if you sell too many early bird tickets you might not make enough profit to make the event worth it.

Reach a wider audience with referrals

Referral schemes work by offering a reward to existing customers for referring one or more friends. This helps you reach a wider audience because they are effectively marketing your event for you. It is also a good way of selling merchandise you need to sell quickly due to being a seasonal item. Simply issue vouchers to your current customers for these products only. Alternatively, you can offer a discount for leaving a review. Set up accounts on review sites and use social media to encourage attendees to leave you some feedback. Another idea is to send out customer surveys, but be careful of the timing, don't send them out of the blue. Make sure they have recently interacted with your company. 

Refer a friend

Get your customers involved

Competitions are a great way to get your customers involved and help to spread the word about your event. User generated content is becoming increasingly popular, so think about asking your audience to create a video at your event or a picture of themselves at your attraction. If they see their content on your social media, it will make them happy and more likely to share with their friends. 

Make use of analytics

Use analytics to determine which promotional content is working best for your event. See which channels are working best and stick with them. You could even post to them more often to drive engagement, making sure to only post high-quality content. Be experimental with your email campaigns using A/B testing, try different headings and layouts. Then monitor which ones got the most engagement. Another way to reach a wider audience is to appeal to a different demographic with similar interests to your target audience. An example is if you are a soft play provider and also have an outdoor area, you could think of ways to use this space that will appeal to older children. Then alter your marketing to fit with your new demographic.

Analysing data

Consider affiliates and sponsors

Affiliates are another option for growing your audience. They help market your event for a percentage of your ticket fees. You can also get someone to sponsor your event and you don't have to pay them for every ticket sale they help create but they will want something in return.    

If you use a combination of the following methods, you should see an increase in customer loyalty and ticket sales. Even if you just pay closer attention to your analytics and alter your marketing to see what works best for you and your audience. 

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