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Merlin- making conferences and exhibitions the place to be seen!

Posted by Courtney Hodgson on Jun 01, 2021

It is exciting see everyone reopening! Soon we will be disconnecting from Zoom and reconnecting in person. With this in mind, we would like to share a video with you explaining how Merlin software works for exhibitions and conferences. With Merlin Tickets, you can sell event tickets online using your own branding. This works as a standalone service, or integrated cleanly with a Merlin 8 management system to process cash sales on the door. Using our software you can sell any number of events, with as many online ticket variations as you like, that can easily be replicated to run at multiple times or days.

Using Add-ons, you can also choose to up-sell via face-to-face or online to promote optional extras associated with your event, such as guides, special talks or merchandise. Your booking process can also be customised to collect essential visitor information, such as allergies, dietary requirements or accessibility needs.

View the video below to see how easy Merlin is to use.

If you are tired of sitting at a desk all day, why not set up an event and let Merlin Tickets do what it does best!

The software is completely free and you can test it for yourself here or if you are feeling confident create your own online ticketing site today.

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