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See how easy it is to sell tickets to the game!

Posted by Courtney Hodgson on May 04, 2021

Merlin has over 30 years of experience in the admissions and ticketing industries. With the provision of online ticketing and venue management software Merlin is able to cater for a variety of sectors including retail, attractions and arenas. For the purposes of this blog, I would like to focus on how Merlin works for sports arenas.

Online tickets

Sell tickets 24/7 whilst keeping your own branding, what's not to like? Don't stop here though, sell additional products and memberships at the same time. A great way to increase revenue. Merlin hosts and maintains your online shop on secure servers and accepts most major credit and debit card payments. Another key point to mention, is you receive the money on booking not after the match. E-tickets are mailed out instantly and these can be validated at the arena using printed tickets or via a smart phone. Merlin Tickets enables you to build loyalty schemes, season passes and memberships to ensure your customer retention rates increase by offering incentives and special discounts on any additional expenditure. Another benefit of using Merlin Tickets is that you can collect information on visitor demographics that will help in planning your future promotional campaigns. You can also monitor current promotional codes and see which ones are going down a storm!

Meet your match with Merlin

Merlin sports

Step 1- Customer orders their tickets online and pays by card.

Step 2- They receive their E-ticket, which they can print off if they so desire.

Step 3- The customer travels to the game!

Step 4- They scan their tickets at the turnstiles.

Additional features with Merlin 8

Merlin Tickets can also be integrated with Merlin 8 which gives you access to Merlin Back Office where you can see your sales anytime, anywhere. Monitor sales figures in real time and use your customer data for marketing purposes. Merlin can also supply kiosks, both free standing and wall mounted which can also include your own branding. It can also be integrated with access control barriers to allow unmanned entry. You can even print barcoded wristbands for entry or cashless payments. If you also have an on-site café, this can be integrated with Merlin too. Merlin is designed to handle every aspect of the visitor experience within the same system, making it user friendly and easy to track reports, thus ensuring that your arena is operating at full potential. Use wireless printers to print tickets directly onto receipts, create itemised billing and easily customise receipt information for your café.

Key takeaways 

  • Use your own branding and keep control of your customer data
  • Sell additional products at the same time as the tickets
  • Gain access to Merlin Back Office and use the data to plan marketing campaigns
  • Provide food on-site? Add that to the system too
  • Access control barriers for unmanned entry. 

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