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Attraction marketing explained

Posted by Courtney Hodgson on May 24, 2021

What is it?

Attraction marketing is the art of adding value by providing solutions to your customer's problems which in turn pulls them towards you and your products. You can generate leads by telling them how your products help you in your daily life. Attract customers by creating educational and informative content.

How do I use it?

Firstly you need to define your target audience- you might remember we covered this in a previous blog post. Once you know who to target you must now discover their number 1 issue and think about how your product/service can help solve it. For example, Merlin spotted a problem for PYO farmers last year. Due to travel restrictions and social distancing they needed a ticketing system that would allow them to allocate slots to people for picking their fruit. Merlin created a marketing campaign that showed fruit farmers how its ticketing system could easily work for them. This led to an enormous jump in sales because Merlin successfully attracted fruit farmers through educational campaigns that clearly showed its services solving their number 1 problem.

Attraction Marketing

The next question you have to ask yourself is where do your customers hang out? It is important to only use relevant channels for your attraction marketing campaign because it will help you focus on building authenticity and trust. What type of content do they enjoy? Such as podcasts, social media, e-books, video or email. Remember there is a reason our company mantra is 'Add Value- Be Kind` offering customers something of value will entice them to your website and they will want to know more.

Now it is time to start creating content. Tell your story, people like to hear real stories about how your products can help them overcome obstacles. Make sure your story is factual, back it up with statistics if you have them. Ask yourself what does your company do better than your competitors? This will give you more content ideas. One aspect of attraction marketing is inbound marketing, e.g. email, e-books or blogs that are full of useful information. The aim is to provide lots of valuable content so that when the customer wants to buy something you sell they immediately think of you. It's not so much about selling as it is about building trust and creating a relationship with that customer.

attraction marketing

Which leads me to my final point. Once you have connected with a customer you need to keep building that relationship. Follow-up with them and see how they are getting on with your product. Continue to produce engaging material on your chosen channels. Consistency is key here, you don't want them to forget about you or go to a competitor because the quality of your content has deteriorated. Don't undo all your good work by forgetting about your current customers!

In summary, attraction marketing means bringing your customers to you by building trust and authenticity in your brand and products. Know your target audience and choose relevant channels to connect with them. Tell your story, be personable and engage with your audience. Follow these tips and leave your audience wanting to know more about your products.

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