How to create an event that sells out

Posted by Courtney Hodgson on Apr 19, 2021

Creating an event is the easy part, now you must promote it to ensure you sell as many tickets and additional products as possible. Read on to get our top tips for creating a sell out event. 

Firstly, develop a ticket pricing strategy. For example, you can offer discounted early bird tickets that will entice your audience to make a purchase. Create some urgency, tell them how long they have to buy the tickets before they are full price. Another tactic is to offer a number of differently priced tickets such as VIP packages down to no-frills-attached tickets. Creating scarcity is a common way to increase ticket sales, e.g. a limited number of seats. Make sure you include a timer in your communications to emphasize the scarcity of your tickets. You should also tell them how many tickets you have already sold as this will conjure up feelings of possibly missing out.

Pricing strategy

Secondly, use social media wisely. If this is a regular event then share past attendees' photographs, they will be happy you have mentioned them and will want to tell their friends. Another way to create interest in your event is to run a competition, if you give away tickets as the prize you will see who is interested in going to your event. Get micro-influencers involved, for example you could give them discount codes to help them spread the word. If they also attend the event, it adds authenticity to your brand. Groups are another important aspect of social media. Add value to the groups you join before plugging your own event. Produce an event page on Facebook and fill it with relevant images and videos as well as key dates and details about your event. You can also easily remind people when your event date is approaching. Don't forget to attach a link to buy tickets and allow invitees to post about how much they are looking forward to your event.

Social media influencers

Thirdly, as you may already know the majority of customers buy tickets on mobile which means it is paramount that your ticket site is optimised for desktop and mobile. Our Merlin 8 system comprises all the elements you need from online ticketing to queue management software. Using Merlin tickets, you can create a ticketing website with your own branding which is optimised for desktop and mobile. Create single and multiple events with a variety of ticketing options. Another aspect to consider is Track and Trace. We have been working behind the scenes to seamlessly add this option to your ticketing website so you can collect all the necessary details to comply with the Governments Track and Trace policy.

Merlin tickets

To conclude, in order to create an event that sells out you must promote it effectively using the methods outlined above. 

  • When it comes to ticket pricing, have a structured plan in place. 
  • Make sure creating a sense of urgency and scarcity are on your to do list.
  • Joining relevant groups on social media and harnessing the power of micro-influencers will help get your event noticed and drive ticket sales. 
  • However, before you can do any of this you must have a mobile friendly ticketing website from a software provider you can trust.

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