10 reasons why Merlin 8 is the only system for you

Posted by Courtney Hodgson on Apr 12, 2021

Merlin 8 comes with many features and functions to suit all types of venue management and ticketing requirements. Here is a break down of its top 10 features you need.

1. It's suitable for any type of event

Whether you are operating a guided tour or running a one-off event Merlin 8 will allow you to sell a wide range of ticketing options under your own branding. Need to print and manage memberships? No problem with Merlin's fully integrated system, we provide the software and equipment, you provide the entertainment. You can also share your event on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through Merlin Tickets' online admin area.

2. Don't just sell tickets

You can add any item to any ticket sale so your customers don't have to worry about making it to the gift shop in time. You can also print wristbands with an option to put money 'on account' for spending anywhere in your attraction.

Merlin Tickets

3. A variety of booking options

We offer room and facilities bookings, including added 'resources' for special requirements i.e. coffee, tea, projector, tutor etc. Great for educational groups, activity sessions and seminars.

4. Perfect for shops, cafés and bars 

Sell any type of product in any size including apparel with the in-built clothing matrix selector. The kitchen printing and table allocation options are great for running a café. There are also customer 'tab' facilities and fully customised menus with 'hot key' user access. Perfect for managing restaurants and bars. If you sell food via click and collect then Merlin I-Food has all the features you need for customers to be able to order food from a tablet or smart phone and collect contact free.

Merlin I-Food

5. Easily keep track of sales and customers

Merlin 8 allows you to track all customer transactions which you can export to a variety of external accounting systems. Create customer accounts for invoicing and statements including staff accounts if required. 

6. Great for businesses both large and small

Merlin 8 can be used in multiple locations, up to 999 to be precise. With stock control for each location including stock transfer between branches.

Tracking and reporting

7. Easy access control

No need to have staff manning the entry to your venue with easy access via gates, barriers and turnstiles using bar-code or RFID entry.

8. Keep track of suppliers and accounts

Create supplier accounts for direct payment processing. The Purchase Ledger allows you to track all supplier transactions including export to a number of external accounting systems. Following the same standardised accounting practices and terminology you would expect from any market- leading accounting system, Merlin gives the power to you, as part of a single all-in-one system.

Unmanned entry system

9. From tablets to kiosks Merlin has you covered

Free standing or wall mounted kiosks including your own branding if required. Customers can buy or redeem pre-bought tickets quickly and efficiently. Take full control over your event with Merlin tablet-based systems, which can be readily deployed across any serviced business area to alleviate rushes and bottlenecks. With Merlin Fastrack, you can seamlessly migrate staff from entrance registration to catering to take orders for the lunchtime rush.

10. Suitable for both physical and online shops

Merlin 8 enables you to automatically upload products to your website for online sales. Products, services or tickets can be sold in one simple transaction.


What's more, Merlin offers on-demand telephone customer service- answered promptly by Merlin staff (no call centres).

To find out more or to arrange a demo click the link below.

Merlin 8 Venue Management

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