How to create interest in 3 simple steps

Posted by Courtney Hodgson on Apr 06, 2021

1. Get to know your target audience

This step is crucial, you don't want to waste time selling to the wrong audience. Which social media platforms do your customers use? What type of posts do they engage with? If you can answer these questions you are on the right track! Look at what your competitors are doing, what groups are they in? This can help you build your customer base.

Target audience

2. Solve problems and sell the benefits

Customers want to know how your product or service benefits them. From your research in step one you should know what your customer's problems are. Now you need to sell the benefits of your products by explaining how they solve the problem. Take the features of your product and turn them into benefits, how will it improve your customer's life?

Features and benefits

3. Keep customers in the loop

Writing a weekly blog or sending out a monthly e-mail with the latest updates on your company will help generate interest. Looking fresh and showing you have your finger on the pulse will instil trust in your customers. It will also encourage regular visits to your website. Regularly send personalised email campaigns with special offers and upcoming events to keep your customers informed and make them feel appreciated.


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