3 tips on how to maximise secondary spend

Posted by Courtney Hodgson on Mar 29, 2021

1. Online ticket sales

With Merlin Tickets the visitor pays upfront and you receive the money straight away. It is easy to set up online ticket sales with an existing website and you can be selling tickets 24 hours a day. You can also link merchandise to ticket sales to increase sales of existing products. Be creative in your product offering and ensure they can take something away that links them to the visit.

Sell tickets 24-7

Merlin Tickets

2. Food and drink 

Your food and drink offering is an important and lucrative part of the experience you're providing. It is worth ensuring you have plenty of variety on offer, especially if you supply locally made or own brand products. Be careful with pricing, too high and it will put customers off and encourage negative feedback. With the current restrictions on social distancing it is increasingly important to have a system in place that allows visitors to order safely, quickly and conveniently. Enter Merlin's pager system, which allows visitors to order food contact free. Once the order is placed they collect a pager which will notify them when the food is ready to be collected. This is a cost-effective system which reduces queues.

Fast, simple and convenient

Merlin eat

3. Customer retention

Customers want to receive personalised offers that show you care about them individually and understand what they are looking for. With Merlin you can print your own membership cards and send out automatic renewal reminders. Send personalised communications with special offers and upcoming events.

Reward customer loyalty

Memberships and rewards

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