3 essential tips we all need post-lockdown

Posted by Courtney Hodgson on Mar 22, 2021

By now everyone should be taking steps to navigate their business out of lockdown. Once the country opens up again you don't want to be left behind, watching your competitors flourish! Here are some simple and effective steps to consider in order to be ready.

1. Is your website up to date?

This seems like a very simple question yet there are many websites out there still advertising last year's calendar of cancelled events. Nobody wants reminding of what might have been if it wasn't for the pandemic. Make sure to tell your customers when you plan to reopen and what you have in store for them! 


2. Keep your social media fresh and engaging

After all this time people have been stuck at home they want to see social media content that brings them happy memories and gets them excited for what's ahead. We know it has been difficult to produce content when you are closed for business but that shouldn't stop your creativity. Think about how to engage your customers in a fun way like naming a new addition to the farm, voting on a new ice cream flavour or sharing family snaps both film and digital.

Customer engagement

3. Do you have an all-in-one, fully integrated venue management system?

Whether you run a zoo, café, theme park, museum or any other type of venue you need a system that ensures you keep track of all your transactions from the front of house sales to your management accounts and everything in between. Information is the key and the Merlin system gives you full real-time information across all your business activities.  Everything is included from Direct Product Profitability to Average Transaction Value per visitor.  Full audit trails are available for all transactions with 'Drill Down' to examine each one in detail if required.  Whatever the activity Merlin has it under control, everything from box office, memberships, resources bookings, event ticketing, retail, café & restaurant, online sales and e-Commerce. You can even add kiosks and barriers for totally unattended access to the venue by your visitors.  Mobile applications are also available for those outdoor events.

This is a fully integrated system with one clear objective - "To enable you to keep more of the money you take".

Seamless integration

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